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Healthier Living through Healthier Cleaning

We are very flattered that you are considering us for your residential and commercial cleaning needs in the Michiana area. When you entrust GreenClean to cleanse, tidy and brighten your home or office, you can rest assured that you are not only receiving an unsurpassed level of housekeeping, but more importantly, you are taking a positive step toward creating a healthier environment and lifestyle for those you treasure most.

What sets us apart in residential cleaning is that we were founded with the sincerest desire to provide exceptional and affordable cleaning services through the use of safe and environmentally friendly practices, thus contributing a positive and unfailing influence in the lives of the families we serve.

We GREENCLEAN Because We Care!

Whether it’s a traditional housekeeping service you’re looking for or a green housekeeping service that provides superior green house cleaning products and services, we will surpass your expectations. Our GreenClean team work tirelessly to excel in customer confidence. In an era where the loosely depicted title of “GREEN” is being sought after by so many in the cleaning industry, GreenClean stands at the very forefront of this industry by providing the safest and healthiest environmental cleaning services available.

Don’t believe the hype! 

Due to the growing demand for healthier lifestyle options by persons just like you, many cleaning services have begun adding a few so-called Green products to their cleaning arsenal in an attempt to be considered green maids. Unfortunately, many of these so-called products either do not clean very well or they too may contain traces of harmful toxins. At GreenClean, we use Green Seal Certified products, which guarantee great results with little effect on the enviroment.

Why should you care? 

Many of our client’s were unaware of health problems that have been linked to many of today’s conventional cleaning agents. These health concerns range from Allergies, Asthma, ADHD, Autism, Reproductive Problems, Birth Defects, Immune System Disorders, Cancer and a host of other health problems.

As parents, we would never intentionally expose our children to any of these harmful chemicals, but in todays world, these chemicals are hard to avoid - they are in our foods, cleaning products, childrens toys, and much more. Now is the time for change, little by little, one step at time, you can make a difference.

  "Small actions taken now can have a large long-term

difference in our health, the health of our family and

home, our community and our planet"

  "We did not inherit the earth from our ancestors, we

borrow it from our children"